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Jesus would never vote for Trump

Dear John,

Thank you for trying to help me understand why you support the president and his policies. I read the article you recommended by Victor Davis Hanson and I must say that, unlike the current occupant of the White House, he seems to…

By Art Carey

As historians begin sifting through the ruins of the presidency of Donald Trump, I hope they pay proper attention to the conduct of so many graduates of so-called elite schools, specifically the Ivy League, whose dishonorable behavior makes one wonder what kind of education these institutions are…

Boomers and Millennials: What we share, now more than ever

By Art Carey

To all those millennials who despise us Boomers and may be hoping that the coronavirus thins our ranks, may I ask you to put down your smart phones and game controllers for a moment to consider some…

By Art Carey

The conversation was proceeding swimmingly. We were having lunch at a quiet restaurant, and I was sharing career lessons with an eager 20-something and dispensing valuable wisdom (I thought) about the profession to which she aspired. She seemed to be listening and paying close attention. …

Art Carey

is a former Philadelphia Inquirer staff writer, editor and columnist and the author of “In Defense of Marriage” and “The United States of Incompetence.”

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